Guide to Being a Sugar Daddy


Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Sugar Daddy

Learning how to be a sugar daddy is easier than you might think. As long as you check a few boxes, put some thought into your online profile, and are willing to make your partner feel special, you’ll be a great match for any sugar baby!

But, what exactly does it take to get started? Are there any qualifications, rules, or terminology that you should know about? You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide to being a sugar daddy!

What does it mean to become a sugar daddy?


Often, when people come to the world of sugar dating, they think first about what they can get out of it. For sugar daddies, that may mean the opportunity to spend time with fun, outgoing people that they wouldn’t meet on other dating sites or in their daily lives. To be sure, it’s one of the best things about sugar dating! But if you really want to learn what it means to become a sugar daddy, it’s helpful to think about what you can contribute to a relationship.

Being a good sugar partner involves using your confidence, expertise, and resources to make your sugar baby feel like the luckiest person in the world. By treating them to memorable experiences, thoughtful gifts, and anything else they might need to live comfortably and move up in life, you will be fulfilling the role of an excellent sugar daddy.

Are there qualifications to being a sugar daddy?


While there are no set qualifications that you need to fill to become a sugar daddy, you’ll have a much better chance at success if you can check at least some of the following boxes:

  • An income that allows you to pamper your partner. Some people get discouraged at the images of sugar daddies as ultra-wealthy business moguls. And yes, those types of profiles tend to do well on dating sites! But the truth is, you don’t need to be in the top 1% to be a good sugar partner. As long as you have enough money to treat your date to a fancy dinner, gifts, and whatever else you’ve agreed upon, you’ll be able to keep up your end of a sugar arrangement.
  • Connections and networking opportunities. Connections with powerful people can sometimes be more valuable to a partner than a fancy meal or a spa day. If you are well-connected and tend to spend a lot of time at networking events, the right sugar baby will be delighted to spend an evening on your arm.
  • Life experience that provides helpful guidance or advice. Again, learning how to become a sugar daddy isn’t always all about the money. If you have valuable life experience or success in a given field, your sugar baby might enjoy the benefit of your guidance and expertise.
  • Confidence to make your partner feel cared for. Sugar babies love dating people who are confident and proactive from the moment they start chatting online all the way to opening the car door for them at the end of their first date. While you might not be the one to make the first move, your sugar partner will expect you to take the lead in organizing dates, arranging travel, and always picking up the tab.
  • Reliability and dependability. Often, people are drawn to this style of dating because traditional romance has let them down. With all the silly games and unreliability of the dating scene, they want a partner they can count on.

As sugar dating continues to gain popularity all over the world, the definitions and qualifications for becoming a sugar daddy are loosening up. As long as you can think of some true benefits you can offer your special someone, you’re on the right path toward becoming a great partner.

What are some of the rules to follow?

Just like with qualifications, there are no set rules that come with sugar dating. That way, each person can be open and honest with what they’re looking to get out of the arrangement. It’s part of what makes this non-traditional set-up so liberating!

That said, you want to make sure you’re showing up for your sugar baby in a way that leaves them wanting more. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Be honest in your online profile. We’ve already cleared up that you don’t have to be drowning in money to be a successful sugar daddy. So, resist the urge to exaggerate your wealth in your profile. In fact, don’t exaggerate anything! Put your best self forward and trust that the right sugar baby will be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Clarify instead of assuming. Honesty is a keystone of sugar dating, so it’s always best to talk clearly about your expectations for the relationship.
  • Always follow through. As we said, reliability is a valuable quality that sugar babies are looking for in a partner. If you can show up to dates on time, manage all arrangements and travel, and take care of anything else your partner needs, you’ll reap the benefits of a fantastic arrangement.
  • Be generous. The sugar-dating lifestyle is not for those who are always looking to save their money. If you spend the entire date thinking about how much you’re racking up on drinks and appetizers, chances are, your sugar baby isn’t going to want to see you again. Remember, learning how to become a sugar daddy is all about finding ways to make your date feel pampered!

Some key terms in the world of sugar dating

Now that we’ve covered some general facts and ground rules to becoming a sugar daddy, there are some terms that can help you navigate this new-to-you world, such as:

  • SR, MBR, or MBA: Sugar relationship, relationship, or arrangement
  • The bowl or the sugar bowl: These terms refer to the world of sugar dating.
  • NSA: No strings attached. In other words, someone looking for an NSA arrangement wants something casual.
  • LTA or STA: Long-term arrangement or short-term arrangement.
  • Platonic: This is a type of arrangement that does not involve physical intimacy.
  • M&G: Meet and greet. This is your first date with a potential sugar baby.
  • Salt daddy or Splenda daddy: These are two negative terms used to describe a person who, in the case of salt daddies, are unwilling to share their wealth or, in the case of Splenda daddies, don’t have as much wealth as they claimed on their profile.
  • Unicorns or whales: Two positive terms used to describe either extremely sought-after partners or very wealthy sugar daddies.

We should note that the sugaring community is growing and changing all the time! The more time you spend chatting with potential partners, the quicker you’ll learn the latest lingo. Remember, it’s always okay to ask if you don’t understand something on someone’s profile. In fact, it could make for a great conversation starter.

How can you get started?

While we’ve provided some basic information in this article about the sugar lifestyle, learning how to be a sugar daddy comes, in part, with practice! Here’s how you can stop reading about how to be a sugar daddy and actually become one:

  • Find the right sugar daddy website. For the best chances of success, choose a website that is popular enough that you’ll have plenty of potential partners, and secure enough that you never have to worry about being scammed.
  • Fill out your online profile. Be honest, be thorough, and be yourself! Sugar babies are going to flock to you when you can prove that you have something to offer, and they’ll stick around when you can prove that you’re authentic. You can learn more about how to create an irresistible profile by reading our article, 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Sugar Daddy Profile with Examples.
  • Start chatting with potential partners. Once your profile is complete, you’ll start receiving messages from interested partners. Don’t leave them waiting! This is your chance to search for the spark that is going to make your sugaring experience unforgettable.
  • Arrange for your first M&G. When you’re ready for a meet and greet with your potential sugar baby, suggest a public place where you can treat them to a nice meal or a similarly enjoyable evening. Remember the rules we suggested earlier! This is your opportunity to be reliable and generous. Your early efforts will pay off with a satisfying reciprocal arrangement for both of you.

As you can see, learning how to be a sugar daddy doesn’t have to be intimidating. All you need to do is put your best self forward and this exciting, welcoming community will be ready for you to join the fun. Good luck—not that you’ll need it!

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