Top Locations Where Sugar Daddies go on Vacation


Last Updated: November 30, 2023

Sugar Baby

Dreaming about sugar daddy vacations? Maybe your current partner is asking where you’d like to be whisked off to next. Or, perhaps you’re putting together a few options to bring up during your next date.

With this list of the most popular sugar vacation destinations, you’ll both be excited to book those tickets and get packing!

The Algarve, Portugal

Portugal might not come to mind when you think of a luxury vacation in Europe. But that’s exactly what makes this part of the continent so perfect for a sugar daddy vacation!

Portugal has some of the most gorgeous beaches on the Iberian Peninsula. And there are many luxury hotels and resorts along its 1,794 km (1,115 mi) coastline. If you’re looking to narrow it down, we would definitely recommend the Algarve Region in the south, specifically the Golden Triangle. This area is full of luxury resorts, golf courses, and of course, stunning beaches.

Toronto, Canada


If you and your sugar daddy are more interested in art and culture, Toronto is an amazing destination for your next trip. In addition to galleries, shows, and other entertainment, you’ll find a food scene unlike anywhere else on Earth. So you’ll certainly want to plan ahead and book reservations in advance.

For the fashionista sugar baby, you’ll feel right at home in Toronto. Be ready to overpack and bring home an extra suitcase filled with all of your new purchases. This is your moment to live out your runway-in-the-city-streets dream!

Miami, US


No list of sugar daddy vacations would be complete without Miami. There’s simply no better place to soak up the sun on the beach or hotel pool, live out your yacht party fantasy, and make the most of the vibrant nightlife.

Plus, Miami boasts of an excellent food culture and fashion scene that is one-of-a-kind.

Be ready to show up with a full face of make-up and a bikini for every day of your vacation because this is Miami! There’s nothing like it.

Halkidiki, Greece

You might have heard all of the celebrity magazines and news outlets talking about the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini. And it’s true. Those destinations have had their moment of international fame and appeal.

But the truth is, Greece is full of jaw-dropping destinations that aren’t overly crowded with people trying to catch a glimpse of the Kardashians. If you want a uniquely luxurious experience, try another tourist spot like Halkidiki (aka Chalkidiki.)

This region is made up of three peninsulas called Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos. This special layout gives visitors access to more coastline and warm gulf waters than in many other parts of the Mediterranean. And if you’re looking for a vacation that consists of more than simply laying out and tanning like a Greek Goddess—and let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with that!—Halkidiki is more than just white sand. This region also offers a rich historical side as well as geographical excursions like cave diving and snorkeling.

Dubai, UAE

To anyone who is visiting Dubai for the first time, it almost doesn’t feel like a real place. This city is so full of stunning wealth, fame, and influence, that it certainly takes some getting used to.

But once you learn to lean into the fantasy feel of it all, Dubai will be ready to pamper you to pieces! Everywhere you look, there are shopping malls with the most high-end brands, gourmet restaurants with skyline views, and nightclubs that put NYC and Miami to shame.

If you have the chance, definitely take advantage of some of the activities that you can only find in this part of the world, like camel riding or dune safaris.

The Maldives

When it comes to romantic sugar daddy vacations, the Maldives will deliver on all fronts. This beach-rich destination is ideal for relaxation, intimacy, and luxury. And whether you’re interested in swimming with whale sharks, taking in the magical experience of bioluminescent tides, or eating some of the best curries in the world, you’ll find more than you’re looking for in the Maldives.

While it gives off a laid-back island vibe, the Maldives is no stranger to high-end luxury. After all, this is one of the most popular beach destinations for celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo DiCaprio. So, you and your sugar daddy will certainly find world-class amenities here.

Provence, France

Do you and your sugar daddy enjoy wine tastings, horseback riding, and taking cute selfies in front of picturesque backdrops? Then Provence needs to be on your list of possible sugar daddy vacations!

Provence is the height of, well, provincial beauty in France! Everything you have in your mind about endless lavender and sunflower fields, ivy-covered countryside villas, and lots and lots of delicious wine is what Provence is all about.

Truly every moment you are in this region of France will feel like you are the main character in your own Rom-Com, so be ready to swoon and look amazing as you do so. Make sure to pack the perfect straw sunhat, charming summery outfits, and comfortable but fashionable walking shoes.

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Peninsula Papagayo on the western coast of Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most sought-out vacation destinations, especially for those living the high life! This region is popular with the ultra-wealthy, so don’t be surprised if you see professional athletes, actors, and your favorite influencers while you’re here.

First of all, this is Costa Rica. So you know the beaches are going to be beautiful. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you and your sugar daddy have a taste for adventure, you won’t run out of fun activities in this part of the world. From ziplining to surfing and scuba diving, you’ll have a wealth of options in Peninsula Papagayo. And there are plenty of world-class resorts where you can enjoy unbeatable service and dining experiences.

Singapore, Malaysia

Singapore is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and it’s the second wealthiest city in Asia. So, if you’re looking for sugar daddy vacations that will allow you to live out your dreams of gourmet dining, shopping, and nightlife, you can be sure that Singapore has what you’re after.

This bustling metropolis isn’t just a bunch of skyscrapers and traffic. In fact, it’s been rated as one of the world’s greenest cities. There are endless Instagrammable moments given Singapore’s interesting architecture and thoughtfully walkable streets. So, fill your suitcase with all of your best outfits and be ready to turn heads while walking hand-in-hand with your sugar daddy.

One thing we love about making this a sugar vacation is that there are so many things to do! You’ll love Singapore’s botanical gardens, eclectic shopping districts, casinos, ancient temples, yacht tours, and art museums. The attention to detail in every building in this city is amazing. Even the airport will blow you away!

Excited to start planning sugar daddy vacations?

We’re right there with you! Whether you’re looking for the best beaches, cultural activities, or unforgettable meals, there are so many options around the world for you to explore with your sugar partner. We can’t wait to see where your sugar daddy vacations will take you!

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