Where to Meet Rich Guys in Toronto


Last Updated: May 23, 2024

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Toronto is such a wonderful place to meet wealthy, generous men who are looking to live the high life with someone special! In this article, we’ll explore specific venues, businesses, events, and more where you are most likely to run into your ideal Mr. Charming.

Economic and Demographic Overview of Toronto

You’ve heard rumors that Toronto is where all the wealthy guys are. But is it really true? The numbers say yes! Take a look at some of the reasons why Toronto is a great place to start your search for your next love interest:

  • Toronto’s key money-making markets (financial, real estate, and tech) are booming
  • Toronto has the largest financial sector in Canada and the second largest in North America
  • There are almost 210,000 people working in the financial sector
  • People here are earning more than the national average. In fact, the national GDP growth is 1.8% annually whereas Toronto’s GDP growth is at 2.4%
  • You won’t find more ultra-high-net-worth individuals in any other city in Canada
  • Toronto’s wealthiest are highly influential people! 20% of the richest households in this city account for more than two-thirds of the total net worth.
  • The top .01% of Canadian households account for 5% of all wealth

As you can see, there are a few key things about Toronto that make it such an ideal place to meet wealthy people. Not only are there already families here who live in the top echelon of society, but because the financial, tech, and real estate markets are on the rise, there are new millionaires popping up on the scene all the time.

Luckily, Toronto isn’t just a place to get rich. It’s also an appealing place to be rich and live a lavish lifestyle! With excellent real estate opportunities, shopping districts, high-end clubs, and restaurants, it’s no wonder that this city has become such a hub for the ultra-wealthy. In other words, the rich men you meet here in Toronto aren’t going to be escaping to other cities as soon as they clock out for the weekend. They’re likely to frequent the same coffee shops, parks, and bars that you are!

And, it’s not just Toronto residents who may catch your eye! Because this city is such a magnet for innovation, finance, and culture, there are highly sought-after social events throughout the year that attract an international crowd. From galas to film festivals to fashion shows to conferences, there’s never a dull moment in this city.

Key Industries and Professional Hotspots

Financial Sector

If your heart is set on meeting someone in the financial sector, Toronto is sure to deliver. As we mentioned, there are over 200K people working in this industry, and the world of finance is only getting larger!

So, where can you mingle with these men? The first thing you can do is start spending more time in the Financial District, a relatively small area where you’ll find the city’s most prominent skyscrapers. You may not have access to the commercial floors of the TD Bank Tower or First Canadian Place, but you can eat lunch downstairs or do your shopping in the area.

We would also suggest that you start penciling in upcoming networking events and conferences in Finance or Fintech. For example, websites like Eventbrite and LinkedIn serve as event calendars for upcoming social gatherings for this sector. Whether you’re attending the Toronto Tech & Finance Networking event at Mademoiselle Raw Bar & Grill or the Bankers Summit at the Quay, meeting men at these events is easy!

Technology Sector

Over the last few decades, Toronto has made a name for itself as the tech center of Canada. In fact, between 2015 and 2019 alone, the city welcomed 70,000 new tech jobs, making it North America’s fastest-growing tech industry.

And don’t worry. These men may be in the tech world, but they’re definitely not spending all of their time glued to their computers. There are a few different ways that you can go about meeting them.

On the one hand, consider signing up for industry events, international and local conventions, and even job fairs! Tech gatherings such as the Big Data & Analytics Summit may be expensive, but you’ll be brushing shoulders with hundreds of men. There are certainly other events that are cheaper (albeit smaller) to get you started.

Job fairs are another great place to meet up-and-coming tech guys. Tech Talent, for instance, offers job fairs throughout the year that are affordable and highly popular!

Upscale Dining and Hospitality


Exclusive Restaurants

If making small talk about finance and tech isn’t your thing, you might have more luck meeting wealthy men where they dine. Here are a few ideas for restaurants that are sure to put you in the same circles as your dream man:


This modern Michelin-star French restaurant located in Downtown Toronto is well known as a go-to spot for local and visiting elites. It features a blind-tasting menu that goes for $225 a guest in the main Dining Room. But, if you want to enjoy a range of à la carte options or a reduced tasting menu, you can opt for a reservation in the slightly (but only slightly) more relaxed Bar.


Don’t let the folksy name fool you. Canoe is every bit a fine dining experience as you would expect for a restaurant at the top of the TD Bank Tower. They offer a seasonal menu that celebrates traditional Canadian cuisine. Be ready to spend at least $185 per person (and up to $385 depending on your wine choices.)

Canoe may not have a Michelin star, but it is highly sought out by wealthy locals and international visitors for its views, amazing food, and upscale service.

The best way to meet your future rich boyfriend at one of these high-end restaurants is to dress your absolute best and go during their busiest times. Try to get a reservation for Friday or Saturday evenings, when you’re most likely to bump into Toronto’s wealthiest foodies.

Luxury Hotels and Accommodations

We’ve mentioned that Toronto is a place for international business and tourism, which means that luxury hotels here are a great place to meet wealthy men.

Take the Hazelton, for example. This is a gorgeous 5-star hotel located in Yorkville where big-name celebrities including Brad Pitt, Oprah, Blake Lively, and more have stayed. And even though you may not be a guest at this boutique hotel, you may be able to cross paths with wealthy visitors when you book a massage at their spa or enjoy a cocktail at the One Lounge.

The Fairmont Royal York is another 5-star hotel that attracts everyone from Hollywood celebrities to international business moguls. Their beautiful hotel bars, the Library and Clockwork, are open to the public and are lauded for their classic decor and timelessly delicious cocktails.

Looking for another way to mingle with guests at one of Toronto’s luxury hotels? Book yourself a one-hour treatment at the Ritz-Carlton in the Financial District! This will grant you all-day access to the spa facilities, where you might just find yourself unwinding alongside some rich and relaxed hotel guests!

Remember that the wealthy men you meet at Toronto’s best hotels may only be in town for a short time. So, there’s no time to be shy! Strike up a conversation with someone who meets your eye so that you’re the first person they call the next time they’re in town.

Social Venues and Private Clubs

When you want to boost your social standing in Toronto, one sure way to improve your reputation is with an invitation to an established private club. This is where the city’s most influential people gather to catch up, network, and unwind in classic luxury. Here are a few of the city’s most well-known private clubs:

The Toronto Club

With a prime location in the Financial District, the Toronto Club is one of the city’s oldest and most famous private clubs. In fact, it’s the oldest one of its kind in Canada and the third-oldest private club in all of North America. There are four lounges within the historic building, plus two dining rooms, a cocktail lounge, and an area for business meetings.

Stepping foot in the Toronto Club is only allowed for members and their guests. There’s a strict dress and conduct code, so make sure that you’re ready to impress if you’re lucky enough to be invited.

The National Club

Another well-established clubhouse in the Financial District, the National Club is also a primary choice for Toronto’s business leaders. This private social club often offers special events such as live music, book clubs, cigar nights, or art shows, and it also serves as an important place for business meetings and networking. You can keep up with the full schedule of events on their website.

As with the Toronto Club, access to the National Club is predicated on membership. You need to be a member, the spouse of a member, or an invited guest in order to step inside.

Because access to these social clubs is restricted, how can you hope to use them to meet wealthy men? Well, it’s all about networking. If you’re able to make connections with Toronto’s wealthier residents through one of the other more accessible avenues we’ve mentioned so far, you’ll have a better chance at being invited to a private clubhouse!

Exclusive Events and Cultural Gatherings


Since Toronto is such a melting pot of cultures, careers, and personalities, there’s no shortage of exciting events and gatherings that attract celebrities, investors, politicians, and more. Make sure one or more of the following events are on your social calendar!

Toronto Film Festival

The Toronto Film Festival is an internationally known event in September that brings actors, directors, and film aficionados from all over the world. If you want to make the most of this opportunity to meet wealthy men, make sure to stick around for Q&As and find out where the afterparty will be.

Having trouble getting tickets? Take a look at dedicated Reddit communities like r/TIFFTickets where you may be able to buy tickets for the most popular screenings.

Music Events at Casa Loma

Toronto’s beloved castle is certainly a gathering place for the city’s wealthiest music lovers. Whether you attend their summer concert series (with a VIP pass if you can swing it) or a Symphony in the Gardens Show, Casa Loma is a great place to take in classical music alongside some of Toronto’s richest residents.

Casa Loma is also a popular location for charity events throughout the year! In order to attend one of these galas, you can contact the organizer about volunteer opportunities or try to use your connections to get an invitation.

Fashion Week Events

Montreal may be the fashion capital of Canada, but Fashion Week here in Toronto is also a can’t-miss event. Actually, it’s two can’t-miss events: one in February and one in September! That’s twice the opportunity for you to meet wealthy men with an eye for fashion.

Tickets can be purchased for individual fashion events, or you might be able to break into the fashion scene another way, such as taking a job as an assistant or make-up artist.

Real Estate and Investment Opportunities

Real estate investors are some of the most overlooked wealthy members of Toronto society. But, let’s face it, while they may not be local celebrities, they make up some of the richest individuals in the city, partly because of the recent boom in the real estate market.

So, how can you go about meeting these influential powerhouses? Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to open houses in the wealthiest areas of the city. Open houses will not only put you into contact with successful real estate agents, but you’ll also mingle with potential wealthy buyers. Don’t feel that you need to put on too much of a show when you attend an open house. Simply dress nicely and show interest in the house.
  • Attend real estate seminars and mixers. Because real estate is a market with an annual growth rate of .3%, the amount of people looking to become real estate agents is growing, too. And, the good news is that many of the real estate seminars in Toronto are free, allowing you to show up, learn a few things, and network.
  • Keep an eye on property auctions that will be attended by leading investors. The more time you spend in the real estate community, you may start hearing about upcoming auctions for properties around Toronto. These are events in which many realtors gather together to bid on a property up for sale. It’s a great place to get to know who the big buyers are in the city!
  • Consider becoming a real estate agent yourself or apply for a personal assistant position. One of the quickest ways to meet a wealthy man in the real estate sector is to get a job in this promising field, yourself! Whether you’re a personal assistant, home photographer, or realtor-in-training, you’ll get plenty of access to the richest real estate agents in Toronto.

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