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England, London

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Next birthday in September

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 30-80 year old SugarDaddy

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England, London

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    5' 10

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I'm an idealist, seek and value harmony, open minded, flexible, creative, bubbly, passionate, energetic, dedicated and hardworking. INFP personality type if you're in to Myers Briggs. I'm also very empathetic and caring for others. Like to think i'm quite mature, intelligent and

What I’m Looking For

I'm mostly looking for help with university debt and living costs but I'm open with my type of arrangement. It honestly depends on the person as to what I would want. I'd be glad to take whatever if I genuinely enjoyed spending time with the person. Sure it'd be great to get some sort of financial help or treats here and there but who am I to make demands? I'll take what's given. Also not a typically girly girl and don't particularly care about heels, jewellery and never owned or wanted to own a handbag. I'd be interested in travelling too as i've not done much of it and have been looking for travel companions.

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