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London, England

Hard working, driven Bunny 🐰

Age 29

Next birthday in June

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Looking for a 45-60 year old SugarDaddy

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London, England

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    5' 7

About me

I'm a straight talker, and will always answer honestly -- even if that answer is 'I don't know'. No shame in knowing. The shame is in not being honest..and let's be real: if we don't have the ability to be open with eachother then something is wrong. Leave the ego at the door.

Have always been a creative. I love reading, art, dance, music, singing, musicals, appreciate fine food, and enjoy witty conversation. Although being attracted to one another would be nice, good conversation is the priority for me.

Also, if you haven't noticed, I look killer in red lipstick 😉 I like to look nice and feel like the ultimate arm candy.

What I’m Looking For

I recently moved to London to pursue my work as a performer. I spend the majority of my time training and auditioning. Therefore, while I am fortunate to not have a 9 - 5 work schedule (sorry Dolly) I do spend a lot of my time furthering my ability (aka. "working/training") While I love being self-employed and strive to be highly skilled at what I do, it takes up pretty much the entirety of my income. It would be beyond wonderful to be spoiled and have a lovely daddy help take some of the financial pressure off of my shoulders. Building mutual trust and discretion take a bit of time.

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