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Leicester, England

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Leicester, England

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Not good at writing these things but I give it ago. Well, I'm not your typical 24 year old, I don't do go clubbing each weekend id rather spend time on the sofa with my love watching a movie with some popcorn and maybe a beer or two at home, I'm only a short guy but that's something we could work on because its mainly that's what's inside that counts body/face features are a bonus to me. I'm a very social guy love hanging around with my friends and going gym or having a BBQ with the family and just relaxing. I class myself as a computer nerd from time to time its just to escape reality and have some fun with people from around the world, I'm always up for trying to hobbies and activities, Not much of a food person very picky on what I eat but that's me we all have to be different from each other that's what makes us all unique. Joshua

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Travel, Dinner, Cuddle, Movies, Hiking, Drives, Dates

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