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Preston, England

Can we relax together

Age 57

Next birthday in August

Sugar Daddy

Looking for a 25-40 year old SugarBaby

Online Recently

Preston, England

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    Sugar Daddy

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    6' 1

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    $500k - $1m

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    $1m - $10m

About me

I am a real person. People say I am good company. As something is missing in me I have just signed up to take a look see. The truth is the truth and it can be said anywhere – so I am cautions but curious and it may take some time for me to open up.

What I’m Looking For

I am looking for a someone to make me whole. I am too set in my ways to completely change my life - but surely there is more to be had - right? I run my own business so don't get away much but I can be around most weekdays.

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    Sugar Baby

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