Sugar Dating Terms & Acronyms

Every new community, especially one that interacts online (or through text), has its own set of slang or abbreviations. The world of sugar dating is no different. Maybe you have found yourself reading an article or browsing a dating profile and came across one of these terms.

Below, you'll find a handy list of the most common sugary slang. Study it well, and keep it handy, so you can find yourself navigating the scintillating waters of sugar dating more easily!

Angel Baby

The Angel Baby is the most elite sugar baby who is confident, experienced, and knows exactly what they want to get out of the sugar bowl.


The negotiated terms of your relationship - What expectations you have of your partner and what expectations they have in return.


Behind closed doors


Friends with benefits - Typically, a relationship that includes physical intimacy, without romantic feelings or gestures.


A relationship intended to be regular, ongoing, and open-ended, rather than being constantly "renewed" on a date-by-date basis.


No strings attached - a relationship with specific boundaries that eliminates traditional aspects of a romantic relationship like exclusivity to your partner and/or a significant stake in other parts of your partner's life.


Potential sugar partner

Road Sugar

This term refers to sugar daddies who will only see sugar babies outside of their city of residence. Road Sugar occupies the upper echelon of discretion and is typically for married sugar daddies.

Salty Daddy

A slang term for a sugar daddy who wants to give the appearance of being a sugar daddy to trick sugar babies into spending their time and affection on them (for no tangible reward). i.e., unscrupulous liars and manipulators.

Sugar Momma

Similar to a Sugar Daddy, a sugar momma is a person of means who prefers to date attractive sugar babies in a sugar relationship.

Splenda Daddy

Someone who really, really wants to be a sugar daddy but lacks the means or the cavalier attitude towards spending money to really do it right. They do provide benefits to the people they date, but just like Splenda, what they provide is often seen as a lesser "alternative" to... well, to the real thing. A Splenda daddy will be more concerned with knowing what they are getting into before they agree to the terms of a relationship to not wind up in over their head. As such, a Splenda daddy may provide a few fantastic evenings out or lavish gifts, but they won't be capable of keeping up at that level for anything long-term.


Sugar baby. A person who seeks out relationships that will benefit them somehow - By providing support, career advancement, or high-end romance that they could not obtain otherwise. They choose their partners based on everything they bring to the table. They set up their relationships with very clearly defined expectations and boundaries.


Sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is someone with a generous nature who enjoys taking care of the person they are in a relationship with and can easily afford to. After earning a certain level of wealth and prosperity through a lifetime of hard work, they have turned to the sugar bowl to find an attractive person to share it with.


Sugar relationship

The Sugar Bowl

A slang term for the community of sugar daddies and their sugar babies. It describes both the general social circle that sugar daddies and sugar babies frequent and the sugar dating lifestyle itself.