10 Early Dating Red Flags You Need to Notice Right Away


Last Updated: March 12, 2024

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Early dating red flags are signs that you may be dealing with someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. And in the world of sugaring, it’s so important to be tuned in to these red flags so that you don’t waste your time getting tangled up with the wrong person.

If your friends have teased you before for having a terrible read on people, don’t stress. There are some common behaviors that you can learn to look out for to keep yourself safe while meeting your sugar partners. If you notice these traits during your conversations and dates, it may be time to call it quits.

1. They demand all of your time

Everyone in the sugaring world knows that these kinds of relationships require regular upkeep. This may be in the form of messaging, phone calls, or planning dates.

But, be aware of a sugar partner who expects you to be available at their beck and call at any hour of the day. They may try to use a variety of tactics, from guilt to being overly lovey-dovey to offering bribes, to get you to drop everything and be with them. Pay close attention, too, to how they react when you’re not available. If they make you feel guilty about having your own life, they may be forcing you into a codependent relationship.

This is dangerous behavior because if you allow it to continue, this person could end up controlling how you spend your time.

2. They ask overly personal questions

There’s a getting-to-know-you phase in most sugar relationships that includes a friendly conversation about hobbies, desires, and tastes. But, if you feel that the questions are getting a little too personal, don’t ignore your intuition.

Some topics that you would be wise to consider off-limits with your sugar partner could be your home and work address, details about your family, specifics about your past sugar relationships, and your bank information.

3. They bring up the subject of intimacy…a lot


You may have decided that intimacy will be part of your relationship, but be aware of how a potential partner talks to you about the subject. If it feels like they are rushing things and pestering you for details or pictures, it’s okay to press pause. Because, if they’re making you feel uncomfortable about intimacy this early, chances are, they won’t be a respectful partner.

4. They criticize you

There are certainly some people with strong opinions in the sugaring community. But, if a partner is criticizing you, making fun of you, or putting you down early in your relationship, consider this one of the most glaring early dating red flags. Over time, this can impact your sense of self-esteem and make encounters with them stressful.

5. They’re not respectful of your time

Whether they’ve shown up late for your in-person meetings or left you hanging when they said they would call, a person who doesn’t respect your time, frankly, doesn’t respect you. To be sure, many sugar partners are busy people. But, that doesn’t mean that your time isn’t important, as well.

6. They never ask for your opinion

In many sugar relationships, the sugar daddy will make most of the practical decisions about where to eat, travel destinations, and the like. But, if they never make an effort to learn about what you like and want, consider it a red flag.

7. They make jokes about other people

This is one of the most cringe-worthy early dating red flags you’ll come across. And sure, sometimes it’s a sign of nervousness; your sugar partner is just trying to lighten the mood. But, often, it’s a signal of a lack of empathy on the part of your sugar partner. After all, they’re disparaging someone for their own gain. And that’s not cool.

So, if they make jokes about the wait staff or strangers on the street, make a note of it.

8. They don’t follow through on their promises

You know what they say: talk is cheap. And in the sugaring world, it’s even cheaper. You want to make sure that the person you’re spending time with is actually dedicated to fulfilling their role in the relationship. Which means that they need to deliver on their promises.

That being said, this is one of the early dating red flags that isn’t necessarily your partner’s fault. It’s up to you to first make sure that they’re aware of what you’re expecting in the relationship. If you’ve had that talk and they still aren’t delivering, then, yes, consider it a red flag. You could be dealing with a salt daddy or a scammer.

9. They speak poorly of all their past sugar relationships

No one likes a negative person, but is it really a red flag to be a little pessimistic? When it comes to talking badly about past sugar relationships, yes!

If someone hasn’t had a single positive experience with any of their previous partners—and they can’t stop talking about it—the most likely explanation is that they were the problem. By all means, use this opportunity to learn more about why they think their past experiences were negative. Maybe they really were unlucky. Or, maybe they had unreasonable expectations, treated their partners badly, or weren’t following through on their promises. They probably won’t admit this, of course. But you can often tell by the way they talk about their exes.

10. They’re unpredictable

Maybe you’ve gone on a few dates with someone and you’ve noticed that every time you see them, you’re not quite sure who you’re going to get. One day, they’re friendly and caring. Then, during the next date, they’re rude and brooding. This kind of emotional roller coaster can take a toll on you! So, don’t feel like you have to endure it, no matter how good the good times may be.

What to do if you spot red flags


If you’re noticing these early dating red flags with a partner, what should you do? You have a few options:

  • Keep it simple, but cut things off. Simply saying that you don’t think things are going to work out between the two of you is enough. This is a good option if you feel that this person will not listen to what you have to say.
  • Be honest. If you do want to give them another chance, be honest about what’s concerning you. Make it clear that if their behavior doesn’t change, you will end the relationship.
  • If you feel unsafe, cut off communication entirely. Finally, if the red flags you’re seeing are concerning or even scary, don’t hesitate to cut off communication. You can also help to keep the sugaring community safe by contacting the customer service team of the sugar dating site.

Don’t ignore your intuition!

There are a number of reasons why someone may miss red flags at the beginning of a relationship. You may downplay these signals because you’re hopeful about other aspects of a potential partner. Or, you may not trust your intuition enough to decide that someone is treating you poorly.

But, by familiarizing yourself with common early dating red flags, you’re in a better position to trust your gut from here on out!

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