Sugar Daddy Gift Guide: Top Picks for 2023


Last Updated: January 30, 2024

Gift-giving is one of the best ways to show your sugar baby you care. But actually knowing what your partner will like and use can be tricky! Don’t worry. This list of gifts for sugar daddy to buy is sure to have something that will put a smile on your partner’s face.

Weekend bag

A weekend bag is more than a weekend bag. It’s the promise of adventure, of escape, of a romantic getaway with your special someone. So, if you have plans to pamper your sugar baby with a one-on-one vacation at some point this year, make the big reveal with a weekend bag!

Harper's Bazaar ranked the Metier Perriand weekend bag as the “Best Quiet Luxury Weekender Bag of 2023,” making it the perfect option for a sugar baby with an eye for fashion. It’s made of buttery Italian suede that screams luxury vacation. And it comes in a variety of neutral tones that will blend perfectly with any sugar baby’s wardrobe.

Luxurious robe


There’s nothing quite as relaxing as draping yourself in a high-end robe. And you don’t have to spend exorbitant prices to make your sugar baby feel like they’re living the high life.

Casper, the mattress brand that has become wildly popular over the last year, offers a duvet-style robe that’s as fashionable as it is comfortable. Or you can go with a more classic design, like the waffle linen robe from Rough Linen.

What we like about this idea is that it’s one of those gifts for sugar daddy and sugar baby! Once you invest in matching high-quality robes, why not go the extra mile and book an at-home couple’s massage?

Jade Gua Sha Tool

You might never have heard of Gua Sha, but if your sugar baby is into beauty products, you can bet that they know exactly what a Gua Sha tool is!

Gua Sha is actually an age-old Chinese therapy practice that uses a smooth, flat tool (in this case, a jade stone) to massage your muscles and skin. Typically, it’s done by a trained professional, but anyone can give themselves a facial or body massage at home. You might even watch a tutorial or two so that you can treat your sugar baby to a gentle Gua Sha treatment!

There are many places to buy this tool, but don’t skimp on the price! Cheap jade can chip easily, so you’ll want to pay for good quality.

Luxury quilted shoulder bag

Quilted finishing on handbags hasn’t been this popular since the late 1960s. But it’s back in 2023 in all your sugar baby’s favorite designer lines. Celine, Balenciaga, Bottega, and more have all released quilted shoulder and handbags. So you’re sure to find one that your partner will cherish.

When choosing the best-quilted bag for your sugar baby, take note of the colors and textures they already gravitate towards. That way, you can choose one that will fit seamlessly into their existing style!


Theraguns started gaining popularity over the last few years, and it’s only become more of a must-have in 2023. At first sight, it might not strike you as a massage device, but once you learn how to use it, there’s no going back! The Theragun uses percussive, high-frequency pressure to target and relax sore muscles. If you’ve ever tried relieving tension with a foam roller, you’ll find this device much more effective and easy to use. Plus, it’s very quiet!

If your sugar baby already has and loves one of these devices, you’re in luck. The makers of Theragun have expanded into a whole range of different devices, from neck rollers to facial massagers to compression boots. Your partner is in for some extreme relaxation.

The latest Apple Watch


Nowadays, pretty much everyone has an Apple Watch. The question is, does your sugar baby have the latest Apple Watch? The most recent version, the Series 8, came out last September, boasting longer battery life and better motion sensors.

Now, we should note that most tech pros expect the Apple Watch Series 9 to be released this September. So, you might want to wait a few months on this gift.

And hey, in the meantime, your sugar baby might love a classic analog watch instead! It may be 2023, but a fashion-statement watch from Chanel will never go out of style.

Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

If your sugar baby is the kind of person who enjoys a cup of coffee in bed, you have to put this gift on your list. The Barisieur Coffee Maker is like having a barista right on your bedside table. It wakes you up, brews up a perfect cup of pour-over coffee, and even has a mini fridge for milk! And all while looking sleek and classy.

This is the future that every coffee lover has dreamed of.

Meditation app subscription

We all know the many benefits of regular meditation practice. And your sugar baby might even have shared that they’ll like to spend more time meditating in 2023. Why not help your partner by gifting them a year subscription to their favorite meditation app? This will unlock a whole range of guided meditations as well as progress tracking.

Or, you can level up this gift by giving your sugar baby access to a private meditation coach. This option may not be one of the more high-tech or trendy gifts for sugar daddies in 2023, but your sugar baby will benefit immensely from the guidance of an in-person meditation professional.

Something for the pets

If your sugar baby has pets, they’ll never turn up their nose at gifts for their furbaby! And because we’re living in 2023, you can find a whole world of luxury pet gifts that will blend right in with your sugar baby’s high-end sense of style.

Prada, for instance, has an entire line of pet accessories, from a brushed leather pet leash to a crystal-studded suede pet collar.

Or, if you’re looking to treat your sugar baby’s pet to a luxurious night’s sleep, you might consider a high-end bed. One of the most popular this year is the Calming Dog (and Cat!) Bed by Best Friends by Sheri. These donut-shaped puffer beds are as chic as they are comfortable. Your sugar baby is going to love this gift!

Which of these gifts for sugar daddies to spoil their sugar baby will you choose?

2023 is full of amazing gift ideas for your sugar baby. Whether you opt for a practical gift like a weekend bag or something timelessly fashionable like a wristwatch, we know that your sugar baby is going to light up when they see it!

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