What is a Sugar Friendship?


Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Sugar Dating 101

You’ve heard of sugar relationships, but what is a sugar friendship? Why would someone choose this style of sugaring over a traditional SD/SB arrangement? And if you’re interested in finding your own, how would you go about finding a sugar friend?

As it turns out, this is one of the phrases within the community that has multiple meanings. In this article, we’ll talk about what sugar friendships can look like and how you can build one that works for you.

One phrase, multiple definitions

In general, terms within the sugaring community are pretty well-defined. NSA refers to arrangements that are “no strings attached,” so that both parties know that they want emotional distance and discretion. Exclusive SD SB relationships are likewise self-explanatory, referring to a sugar arrangement that is not open to multiple partners. Having clear definitions like these are useful when searching for your ideal partner. And they cut down on awkward misunderstandings and gray areas.

When it comes to sugar friendships, though, there are still a couple of different ways to interpret this term. Some people define it as sugar friends-with-benefits. Others talk about sugar friends as arrangements that blossomed out of existing friendships. And others still refer to their sugar friends not as partners but rather as people they’ve met within the community since becoming a sugar baby or sugar daddy. And finally, some people think of sugar friends as a type of platonic arrangement.

And while the variety of meanings can lead to some confusion, the phrase continues to be a popular one in the Bowl! So, let’s talk about the different definitions that have popped up over the last few years and how you can go about choosing the one that appeals to you.

Up first, sugar friends-with-benefits


Sugar friends-with-benefits is similar in many ways to a traditional SD/SB relationship. Both people are interested in maintaining a reciprocally beneficial arrangement and as such, are willing to offer their time and resources to keep one another happy.

The only distinction is that a sugar FWB feels more like a friendship than a mentor-mentee arrangement or a more formal SD/SB relationship. Both members of a sugar FWB feel comfortable around one another, may know personal details about each other’s lives, or have inside jokes. They might be more likely to plan dates that revolve around shared interests, such as rock climbing or going to concerts together.

Sugar FWBs are also typically more casual and open than other types of arrangements. This style of dating appeals to many people because there may be less pressure to schedule regular dates or stay monogamous.

That being said, this type of sugar friendship isn’t right for everyone. Those who want to maintain emotional distance in their arrangement might not be comfortable with the level of friendliness in an FWB set-up.

Friends-turned-sugar partners

While not overly common in the world of sugaring, some arrangements start out organically. A sugar baby and daddy might meet through friends of friends, at a work event, or at the same gym. They may strike up a friendship first before ever discussing the idea of a sugar arrangement.

This dating style is also sometimes referred to as a sugar friendship. But, of all of the definitions of this term that we’ll cover in this article, it’s one of the least common. In reality, most sugar partners meet on dedicated online platforms.

The importance of having a sugar community

One of the things that many people outside of the world of sugaring don’t know is that there’s a vibrant, supportive community of sugar babies. Sugar friends can refer, then, to the relationships between people who live this lifestyle.

There are a few reasons why these friendships are so important. For one thing, they allow sugar babies to share experiences and learn from one another about how to make the most out of their arrangements. It’s common for them to swap advice about how to avoid salt daddies, renegotiate the terms of the arrangement, and practice safety.

The other crucial benefit of these sugar friendships is that they’re validating. Sugaring may be becoming more mainstream, but there are still many who aren’t able or willing to talk about their sugar daddies with friends and family. It can help, in these cases, to have friends who understand and support them.

Last but not least, platonic sugar friends


Platonic arrangements are relationships that do not include physical intimacy. Instead, the terms of the relationship typically revolve around companionship, in the form of regular dates, chatting, or phone calls.

So, how is this different from a platonic friendship? Well, in the sugar version, the baby will receive pampering in the form of lavish dates and thoughtful gifts. In some such arrangements, they may benefit from receiving advice from their daddy or the chance to be introduced to influential people in their field.

In order for this kind of arrangement to work, a platonic sugar baby must be a good listener with plenty of empathy and availability to be there for their partner.

How to go after the kind of sugar friendship that is most appealing to you

Now that you’ve heard about some of the different definitions for sugar friendship, you might have found one that appeals to you. After all, the wonderful thing about this community is that there is a unique dating style for all different tastes and preferences. So now, how can you find your ideal sugar friend? Here are some tips:

For a sugar friend with benefits

Of all the kinds of sugar friends, an FWB is likely going to be the easiest to find. All you have to do is update your online profile to reflect that you’re interested in this kind of arrangement. From there, you can start chatting with like-minded potential partners who are looking for the same thing.

One thing that experienced sugar babies would recommend is that you don’t allow the casual vibe of an FWB arrangement to get in the way of you enjoying your benefits. Even though you’re friendly with your sugar daddy, you should still receive everything they’ve promised you just like you would in a more formal SB/SD relationship.

Friends before sugar partners

Because organic sugar friends happen outside of the dedicated dating platforms, this one won’t be as easy to find as the other kinds of arrangements on our list. But it is possible. We have a blog dedicated to finding potential partners in real life for anyone who is interested in freestyling.

One thing to keep in mind about this style of sugar friendship is that it takes time. You’ll be tasked with meeting people in person, building genuine friendships slowly, and then broaching the conversation about sugaring. So, you may not enjoy the benefits of an arrangement for weeks or months.

Finding your sugar community

To be sure, this kind of friendship is one that every sugar baby can benefit from. No matter if you’re currently in a relationship or are a total newbie to the sugaring world, having friends within the community can be a huge asset.

To get started finding sugar friends, all you have to do is find the right online forum. There, you’ll be able to ask questions, get to know other sugar babies, and possibly even find a local community in your area.

One thing that we would recommend as you start building this kind of sugar friendship is that you refrain from comparing yourself to other babies. Being in this kind of community should inspire you and make you feel supported. And remember, every person has their own style of sugaring. If you’ve found your own way to be happy with a partner, your sugar relationship is a success!

Finding a platonic sugar friend

The process of building a platonic arrangement is going to be very similar to that of an FWB relationship. All you have to do is update your online profile to say that you’re interested in this kind of relationship, and then start chatting with those who want the same thing!

One thing that we will mention is that this type of arrangement is slightly more susceptible to scammers. One common scam involves fake sugar daddies promising to lavish their partners with expensive gifts and unforgettable experiences in exchange for their time and bubbly personality. But the scammer will then request the sugar baby to send them their bank details or cash app information as a way to swindle them out of money. You can keep yourself safe from this kind of scam by sticking with reputable sugar dating sites and keeping your private information safe.

What kind of sugar friendship will you pursue?

For now, the sugaring community doesn’t have one clear definition of what a sugar friendship is. But that’s not such a bad thing! With a few different definitions to choose from, you can decide what kind of sugar friend you want to have. So, which one will you pursue?

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