What is monogamish?


Last Updated: March 12, 2024

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You’ve heard of monogamous, but what about monogamish? This term has been around for just a few years, but it’s already become a staple in the world of sugaring.

As you might have guessed, monogamish is a type of open relationship. But is this style of sugar arrangement right for you? And how can you ensure success when you’re ready to try a monogamish relationship for yourself?

Read on for a thorough explanation of monogamish relationships.

What does monogamish mean?

The word monogamish isn’t as common as some other terms you might have heard, like polyamory or no strings attached. But, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it. The concept is quite simple.

Monogamish describes partnerships that are mostly monogamous, but with the occasional intimate encounter with other people. Exactly how often these outside experiences might occur depends on the couple. Some couples may also have boundaries around how many other partners are acceptable.

Is monogamish the same as “don’t ask, don’t tell?”

In non-sugar relationships, being monogamish means being honest about having partners outside of the partnership. But do you also need to tell your sugar baby or sugar daddy about your desire to be monogamish?

The fact is, monogamish is different than a “don’t ask, don’t tell” setup. Unless you and your partner have agreed to an arrangement in which you don’t talk about other partners, you’ll want to be honest with them. This will allow you to create a partnership without secrecy.

What are the pros of a monogamish arrangement?


Monogamish sugar relationships come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Excitement and exploration. If you want to make the most of the sugaring lifestyle, getting to know other partners can be a good way to do that. This style of sugar relationship allows for the thrill of meeting new partners.
  • Can help fill the gaps in your current sugar relationship. You might be in a sugar relationship that is quite satisfying but still leaves you wanting a little bit more. Maybe you’re hoping for more frequent dates or a slightly more lavish lifestyle. Having a monogamish arrangement can mean spending your free time with partners who can fill that gap for you. That way, you can maintain your main sugar relationship without feeling like something is missing.
  • You can continue to enjoy the benefits of a long-term relationship. Meeting new partners is fun and exhilarating, but there are some real benefits to having a long-term partner, as well. A monogamish relationship gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to enjoy your main sugar partner while also meeting new people.

What are some of the challenges of this kind of open relationship?

While there are some appealing advantages to monogamish arrangements, they’re not always a walk in the park. Here are a few common challenges that can pop up with this type of open relationship:

  • Jealousy. Even if you have a strictly non-emotional sugar partnership, occasionally, jealousy can become an issue. If you’ve been seeing the same sugar daddy or sugar baby consistently, and feel an emotional connection to them, it may be harder to accept a monogamish relationship.
  • Time management. Taking on more than one sugar partner can get complicated. And, if you already have a busy schedule, you might find a monogamish setup to be too time-consuming.
  • Sharing of resources. Sugar daddies love to lavish their partners with gifts and experiences. But not all of them are billionaires with unlimited resources. Having more than one partner might mean fewer gifts to go around, which can leave a sugar baby feeling unsatisfied.

As you can see, there are some potential issues to consider when it comes to monogamish relationships. But, by being aware of them ahead of time, you’ll be in a much better position to overcome them.

What kind of people are best suited to this style of dating?

The truth is, this style of open sugar relationship can work for anyone who is willing to try! But, you’ll find that the following characteristics will increase your chance of success:

  • Self-confidence. As we mentioned, jealousy can sometimes be an issue with monogamish dating. But, you’ll be less likely to feel jealous when you’ve got a healthy amount of self-esteem. Focus on what makes you an ideal partner, and your sugar baby or sugar daddy will see it too!
  • Independence. One habit you don’t want to fall into is becoming too dependent on your sugar partner. In fact, a lack of independence will make a monogamish relationship even more challenging. Spend most of your time pursuing your own goals and interests and you’ll have a much healthier relationship with your partner.
  • Trust. A trusting sugar partnership is one that will have an easier time transitioning to monogamish status. This means being honest with your partner and giving them a sense of safety so that they can be honest with you too.
  • An open mind. We get it. Change, even exciting change, can be uncomfortable. If you can keep your mind open and maintain a positive attitude, you’ll be more likely to reap the benefits of a monogamish lifestyle.

How can you make your monogamish relationship work?


If you feel that you’re ready to try a monogamish relationship, how can you ensure success? Here are a few words of advice from those who have learned how to make this setup work for them:

  • Be honest. As we mentioned earlier, everyone in a monogamish situation should know that they’re in one. This will ensure that you can set up appropriate boundaries and avoid feelings of betrayal later on. But, if you prefer not to talk about other partners you may have, you should tell your sugar baby or sugar daddy that you want a “don’t ask, don’t tell” agreement. Then, they can decide whether they want to move forward with the arrangement or not.
  • But not too honest. You may be thrilled about the recent dates you’ve been going on with a new sugar partner. But that doesn’t mean that your main partner will want to hear all about it. You can maintain honesty without stoking feelings of jealousy by leaving out unnecessary details. And, you certainly would never want to compare one partner to another.
  • Set up clear boundaries. Every couple can tailor their monogamish relationship to fit their needs. So, just like you will want to sit down and negotiate the terms of your arrangement, you should also talk about what your open relationship will look like. Do you want your partner to keep their weekends free for your dates? How many other partners is the right number to keep you both satisfied? Are you open to them establishing long-term arrangements with other partners or just flings?
  • Safety first. The most important thing about sugar dating is safety. And this is even more true when you’re dating multiple partners. For one thing, privacy is a huge factor. You never want to reveal personal information about one partner to another. This could make them vulnerable to exposure to several sugar dating scams. And, you’ll want to practice personal safety as well. Take a look at our recent article, 10 Red Flags to Look Out For When Sugar Dating, for more details.
  • Don’t leave your main sugar partner feeling neglected. Even as you explore experiences with someone new, it’s important to continue showing gratitude for your main partner. If you want to avoid conflict, make sure to care for them just as you always have. You might even show them a little extra appreciation once you’ve transitioned to a monogamish lifestyle.
  • Don’t forget the basics. No matter how long you’ve been with your main partner, it’s always a good idea to remember the basics of being an amazing sugar baby or sugar daddy. This includes dressing your best, showing up on time, and treating your partner to the most enjoyable experience possible. You may have more to juggle with a monogamish relationship, so don’t let these details go to the wayside.
  • Consider a trial period. If you’re not sure whether the monogamish lifestyle will work for you, it might be worthwhile to set up a trial period. This will allow you and your partner to test out the benefits and challenges of this style of dating without committing to it fully. If, at the end of the trial period, you feel that you didn’t enjoy the experience, you can talk to your partner about going back to a monogamous sugar arrangement.

Is this style of dating right for you?

If you’ve been thinking about opening up your sugar relationship, this style of dating might be just what you’re looking for. When done the right way, monogamish arrangements can give you the best of both worlds. So, if you’re ready to try, talk to your sugar partner!

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